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Get Over “The Locked Room” Copywriting Fallacy


You’re writing the copy for a startup website. You have a new idea, or your old idea is undergoing a bit of a pivot. You need to explain your idea on your website. You need copy. Snappy, persuasive copy that will make people want MORE. More signups, more shares, more investors. Your concept is great, … Read the rest of the article →

Losers have Goals. Winners have Systems.

Tommy looking for a system

I’ve been studying copywriting. Every evening, I sit down with a pot of Chamomile tea and write out an advertisement by hand for an hour. Yup, my life is all rock-star living. A few days ago I was writing out a classic ad for a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. The ad starts with … Read the rest of the article →

The secret for a more interesting life: take more risks

Me destroying my fears of free weights

I’ve been trying to take more risks. It’s why I gave up 2500 euro a month in income. That steady stream of cash was stopping me from pursuing other sources of income with any sense of urgency. It’s also why I tried Karaoke for the first time last Saturday, singing a duet of “I’ve had … Read the rest of the article →

Why trying to get motivated may be a terrible idea (and systems are better)

NYC Highline

The modern curse is wanting to do anything but that what you’ve set out to do. It’s why PhDs never get done, masters are written at the last minute to scrape by and Facebook is an internet giant. One of my favourite things is to practice different variations on introducing myself. Yup, I’m a bit … Read the rest of the article →

Optimise your decisions with these two simple tips

Caro taking stock in Portally

Caro taking stock in Portally Every so often my brother rings me on Skype to ponder for an hour on whether he should quit his highly paid job in the Oil and Gas industry of Canada and go live on a beach in Costa Rica. It’s a bit of a dilemma: earn a shit ton … Read the rest of the article →

How Parents Get Things Done (Or How I’m Testing Having a Child)

two dudes playing a computer game with child in background

Just under a year ago I became an uncle, so I’ve moved to New Jersey for three months to look after my nephew. It’s been enlightening. I’ve tested home ownership (hated it), and now I’m testing another cornerstone of traditional living: babies. This much is clear: when you have a baby, time management takes on whole … Read the rest of the article →

A Productive Time in Ireland: The Art of Doing Less

Icelandic Viking Ship

A few years ago, I was sitting in my favourite restaurant in Munich. Caro and I were scheduled to leave for France a few days later, so Caro was saying goodbye to the folks at the restaurant who she’d worked with. Stefan, the restaurant manager, asked us what our plans were for France. Caro pulled … Read the rest of the article →

Portfolio Careers: A Jack of All Trades and Happy in All of Them

Caro trying out for a position on the family farm

Over the last few months I’ve been engaging in multiple pursuits: legal translation, sales, copywriting, marketing, web development, to name a few. I don’t have one job; I have a bundle of them. In 1984 Charles Handy named the concept of several occupations instead of a single job a portfolio career. Back then, he argued that … Read the rest of the article →